Millennium Science Nucleus

Millennium Science NucleusThis Nucleus assembles our expertise in the mathematical areas of information theory and randomness.  Its creation is motivated by novel and challenging issues we want to address and it is based upon our scientific achievements and our history of collaboration in research. We, our students and our worldwide scientific network, find in this Nucleus a natural environment to spread and to consolidate our achievements in theories that have received a lot of attention recently and to develop applications in emergent areas in information sciences and probability theory.  This Nucleus provides us an appropriate framework for the development of all our activities, encouraging new scientific interactions, enriching the activities with our engineering and Ph.D. students, allowing to attract new postdoctoral. Our Nucleus is an accessible partner for enterprise and government, to contribute to research in strategic industrial areas and to develop activities towards high school education. government strengthening our activities towards educational outreach and contributing to strategic industrial areas. In particular we have collaboration with IM2-Codelco, in research and training on image processing and energy of fragmentation and we are at the origin of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Mathematics of Genome (LBMG) in collaboration with BioSigma S.A. The Nucleus is inside the Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas of the Universidad de Chile , inserted in the pole constituted by the Departamento de Ingeniería Matemática and the Centro de Modelamiento Matemático

Millennium Nucleus Information and Randomness
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